Core Values



At CORE, we believe in satisfying our customers, and understand that true customer service begins, the moment we connect with those in need. 

We believe people can and should make a difference, regardless of how large or small their roles may be and believe our people do make a difference, especially when life is at its toughest.

We believe in pushing the boundaries of what is possible and believe in being part of something bigger than ourselves.

Part of a global view;

That sees possibility in every action;

and understands that each action, can and will, make a positive difference in our world. 

We believe that our values are reflected in every choice we make, every individual that we hire, and every home or business we restore.

We believe in the power and strength of education. Not only by our CORE team, but by our network of fine contractors and clients.

We believe in making the goals and wishes of our customers a reality through innovation, inspiration, and vision.

We believe in bettering our local communities, and the world in which we do business, and believe in being the leader in our industry by providing the finest products, services, and expertise available today.

We believe in restoring lives. We believe that restoring lives means more than restoring monetary possessions, but rather restoring the faith that no matter what mother nature or other forces have in store for us, we believe there should be a solution you can count on.

We believe CORE is the solution, and believe that every time someone has a positive experience with a fine CORE contractor or service provider, we believe we are saying thank you in the best way we know how.